As the daughter of two retired artists, I’ve always had a life-long obsession with color and an on-again off-again relationship with crafts. I've been a potter, a paper maker and a book binder, but through all of these crafts, I’ve knit.

I’ve been hand-dyeing yarn and fiber since 2012 in my home in Salem, Oregon. I sell to some local shops and at a few craft shows each year, while working as a full-time sustainability analyst. I picked up hand-dyeing as a way to keep myself busy in the years when I didn’t have a full-time job and have found that it is great way to relieve some of the stress associated with the work that I do. Heavily influenced by a life-long obsession with color, I decided to explore the creation of the colors of the yarns I worked with and began playing with a yarn dyeing kit.

For hand spinners, there are a lot of great ecofriendly options and so I like to focus on fibers that are a little lighter on the planet like organic certified merino wool or carbon beneficial rambouillet. I also purchase wool from the Falkland Isles where the sheep are raised organically. I prefer yak as a sustainable alternative to cashmere.

Over the years my customers have brought me immense satisfaction by showing me the projects they’ve made with my dyeing work.



BIPOC, Korean American Adoptee