I'm the daughter of two semi-retired artists - one was a graphic arts designer and the other was a children's book illustrator. The end result is that I've always had a life-long obsession with color and an on-again off-again relationship with crafts. I've been a potter, a paper maker and a book binder, but through all of these crafts, I’ve knit.

Heavily influenced by a life-long obsession with color, I decided to explore the creation of the colors of the yarns I worked with and began playing with a yarn dyeing kit.

Many of the products I sell are fine yarns, meant to be used for socks, gloves or mittens. Fine yarns are versatile enough to be used in a wide variety of projects.

I love thinking about all the colors that people will wear on their feet, no matter the occasion or where they work. As a knitter, I love working with colors that I enjoy looking at and am particularly fond of jewel tones and of blue-greens (though if you looked in my sock drawer, many of the pairs would have red in them).

-Steph Fregosi