mystery box of hand-dyed fiber

mystery box of hand-dyed fiber

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Two lbs of dramatically discounted mystery fibers from my secret stash of seconds.

This mystery box is a totally random and dramatically discounted selection of fiber from the three fates yarns stash of seconds. This is stuff that is not up to my current standards (I've been dyeing fiber for 10 years and I like to think I've gotten a lot better). This stuff has sat on the shelves too long or maybe it's a funny size. I might have broken it it while trying to braid it or  it's over petted, it didn't take the dye right, or I just didn't like how it looked at me. I set it my aside in my basement, it bred and well, it needs to leave my house.

It's spinnable for the right spinner. If you are a beginning spinner let me know and I will make sure that the fibers are among the easier (least compacted ones) to spin.

There might be a luxury fiber (contains yak, silk, cormo) in there also.

Not all the fiber is labeled either, though I can do my best and tell you that x is probably merino silk, or polwarth silk or blueface, or polwarth, targhee etc. I'm pretty good at keeping the superwash out too, so let me know if you plan to use the box for felting.